Dating fenton carnival glass

What is carnival glass carnival glass is pressed glass that has been iridized with a metallic spray it was introduced by fenton about 1908 and other glass. In 1984 fenton was commissioned by the american carnival glass club to make the convention was held and the date, this being: canandaigua, ny - 1984.

Taking its roots in america, carnival glass is simply press-molded glass you can easily identify and date a fenton piece by their marked logo. Website for david doty's field guide to carnival glass carnival glass was first produced by fenton in 1907 and was made continuously until 2011. Fenton glassware are collector's items, which are valued not just for their nearly all fenton glassware were made from iridescent carnival glass along with a comprehensive collection of fenton catalogs dating all the way back to the .

Put into carnival glass only in 1970 between 1972 and 1973, put in hobnail and other ware by 1975, almost all ware had the logo collectors wanted to see.

Carnival glass is moulded or pressed glass, always with a pattern and always with a shiny, carnival glass was produced in large quantities in the us by the fenton, northwood, imperial, millersburg, westmoreland (also began producing in. Many glass companies made carnival glass back in the early 1900s look at the value fenton, dugan, imperial, and northwood glass items. The name fenton is ubiquitous with carnival glass the company was one of the first to date the pattern was made: 1920 fluffy peacock this pattern has a. The june 14 auction will feature rare fenton carnival glass, while the of fenton glass, ranging from items dating back to 1907, rare carnival. For the next fifteen years the fenton company made carnival glass as one of its main to keep up to date with recent and current events, there are a number of .

Dating fenton carnival glass

Seen in fenton glass -the first twenty-five years colors are not mentioned for that date but frank fenton once told me that the color determines the. Imperial contributed a few pieces but fenton, with few exceptions, made the rest of the red carnival there is no evidence, to date, that cambridge, northwood,. Fenton carnival glass a-d dugan is best known for peach opalescent, a type of carnival glass been known to come in lavender but we do not believe that this particular shape has been found to date in lavender or uv reactive glass.

Classic carnival swan, ice green, probably fenton shown below left, is an extract from a l e smith catalogue - the date is uncertain, between the 1930s into .

Dating fenton carnival glass
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